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Modules are amazing, they can add a lot of functionality to a game and they are easy to include, Plus they are compatible with Mac and Linux unlike plugin's which only run on windows. Most plugin functions have been re-created into modules. Also you don't have to include the module with the compiled game unlike plugins.


Advanced Random's 1.0 - (Akumayo)

allows you to create normal random dice, or if you want it more advanced it can create a weighted dice which has more chance of landing on certain numbers.


AGS3D 1.17 - (Steve McCrea)

You can create 3D games with this simple 3d engine, which includes collision detection, jumping and character movement. This is by far the most complex module ever made for AGS. This module also uses plugin's so only windows users can use it.


Area Scaling 1.2 - (Steve McCrea & Tiago Correia)

Allow characters to be rescaled according to a vector in a walkable area.


Background Speech 0.5b - (Bernie)

As far as I can tell, this lets the character be able to speak and you can still control him? I'm not sure.


Battleships 0.1 - (Colxfile)

This allows you to easily add a battleships game into your game.


Character Control 0.84 - (strazer)

Just like the plugin but better. This allows you to tell characters who are in other rooms what to do, like move them around and stuff.


CharacterFonts 1.1 - (Alynn)

allows you to create normal random dice, or if you want it more advanced it can create a weighted dice which has more chance of landing on certain numbers.


Character Region Sounds 0.80 - (strazer)

Changes the footstep sounds for all characters depending on what region they are standing on.


Combo Lock 1.01 - (SSH)

adds a combination lock to your game, users have to type in the combination onto the keypad.


Confirmation GUI 1.00 - (SupSuper)

This module provides a GUI which allows you to display a dynamic confirmation window.


Credits 1.17 - (SSH)

Just like the plugin, it allows you to do a bunch of different things with text to create credit sequences.


Description 1.02 - (SSH)

Want a FoA-style status line? Description can do it!
Want a hotspot description that follows the cursor? Description can do it!
Want the description on an Overlay or a GUI? Description can do it!
Want the text to stay still while you're over the same hotspot? Description can do it!


Dialog Box 1.1 - (SSH)

Provides a a function to display a GUI with OK/Cancel options and return 1/0 respectively when a button is clicked.


Digraphs 1.0 - (SSH)

Functions to translate strings into alternate characters for displaying foreign characters more easily, if a font has replaced unused characters with accented ones.


Easy 3D 1.04 - (Richard Evans)

Create 3D rooms by mapping the background to the floor, having a 3D sky and having sprites placed in a 3D sort of way (Think Doom) Pretty cool.


Eight Direction Movement 0.1 - (Bernie)

This allows your character to move only in 8 directions, like in chrono trigger.


Encrypted File 0.9 - (HeirOfNorton)

uses a simple form of encryption to stop people looking at external resources in your game.


Expression speech style 0.1 - (Shade)

I think this allows you to change the expression on the face picture when using Sierra-style portraits .


Fade Name 1.1 - (Kinoko)

Fades text in and out without blocking so animations can continue.


File Dialog 1.0 - (SSH)

SSH "Provide a dialog box to select a file from the current directory, with preview"


Finate State Machine 1.0 - (HeirOfNorton)

I have no idea what this is, if anybody has a simple explanation for this spot, please email me at jedi.information@mindless.com


GridInventory 1.1 - (Gabriel 'Besh' Ferri)

This allows you to create and manage a Grid-Based Inventory. Think resident Evil.


Hotspot Combination Lock 1.0 - (Ashen)

Yet another combination lock. This one uses hotspots instead of gui's.


Icon Dialog 1.0 - (HeirOfNorton)

This amazing module allows you to have an icon based dialog system like the one in disc world in your game. It does take a bit of setting up however, you need to create a gui and change some settings to get it to run how you want.


Ini File 1.0 Beta 2 - (RickJ)

This is one of the first modules created, it lets you read and write on INI files.


InvItemAnimation 0.91 - (strazer)

This script module is intended to make it easy to animate inventory items.


Journal' Module 1.1 - (Akumayo)

A relatively user-friendly module allowing implementation of logs/journals/questbooks/etc. using a GUI label, and two buttons.


Keyboard movement 1.01 - (Rui "Brisby" Pires)

move your character using the keyboard. It has two movement choices, tap the key or hold the key.


Lake 1.0 - (Steve McCrea)

Creates an animated reflection like the once-popular java lake applets. Reflects a background image (can specify an alternate background frame). Characters and objects can optionally be reflected (by reflecting a screenshot rather than a background frame).


Lightning Module 1.0 - (Akumayo)

Provides a function to zoom in on an area of a sprite.


LineBreak 1.0a - (monkey_05_06)

The LineBreak module provide's functions to insert, remove, and manage line-breaks within Strings of text. The module contains functions for adding line-breaks, testing whether a String contains any line-breaks, converting module line-break Strings into AGS compliant line-breaks (an opening bracket ('[') within the text), converting AGS bracketed line-breaks into module line-breaks, counting the lines a String contains, retrieving the type of line-break a String contains (hyphenated, broken based on width, or based on a set of delimiters), removing line-breaks from a String, parsing a String which is then read back by another function a single line at a time, and retrieving the last parsed String.


Mouse Gesture System 1.0 - (Gabriel 'Besh' Ferri)

Something to do with checking mouse movement's and performing actions. For example if I hold the mouse button and drag the mouse left, it could show some text. If I drag the mouse right it would show different text. It also recognizes clockwise and counter clockwise movement as well as some others.


MultiResponse 1.0 - (SSH)

Makes multiple responses to an interaction easy to script.


Multi Text Box 1.0 - (SSH)

SSH "Lets AGS have multiple Text Boxes on multiple GUI's"


Music Continuity 1.2 - (SSH)

Continues the music from where it left off when you re-enter a room (Doesn't work with WAV).


Noblock 0.7 - (Bernie)

This simulates the cancelable interactions in Lucas Arts games (Sam'n Max, DOTT). You go 'Open Door', but you can still move your guy elsewhere if you feel like it.


Other Room 0.85 - (strazer)

Allows you to switch hotspots, walkable areas and objects on or off for other rooms. When you enter affected room, the hotspots and things will be changed before it fades in.


Over Hot 1.12 - (Gilbert Cheung)

This is a script module designed for those who want to have the hotspot name displayed when the mouse hovers on it.
It uses a text overlay for the purpose.


Panorama 1.1 - (Steve McCrea)

Creates a 360 degree rotatable room from a 1280x320 room Requires a background image that's been stitched together from four 320x320 images rendered in the four cardinal directions The FOV of the render camera should be 90 degrees horizontally and vertically.


Parallax Scrolling 1.0 - (Gilbert Cheung)

This is a script module designed to simulate a parallax scrolling effect, using layers of sprites which can scroll with different speeds relative to the background. Currently the module is very primitive, it can only use overlays for the layers (so, all the objects and characters will be behind these layers).


Particle Engine 1.5 - (Akumayo)

This is truly an amazing module. It can create amazing fire and smoke effects as well as water. It comes with it's own editor so that you can choose the particle settings for your game.


PersistentSpeech 2.1 - (monkey_05_06)

The PersistentSpeech module allows character speech to persist on-screen for a set amount of time. The default settings work like Character.SayBackground (no speech animation), but there are settings to apply speech animation, change text color, and change speech font (without altering the Character's settings).


Pixel-perfect collision 1.01 - (GarageGothic)

The module allows you to use pixel-perfect collision detection instead of the default rectangle-based collisions of AGS.


Properties 1.0 - (monkey_05_06)

The Properties module provides methods for the user to create, delete, and edit custom properties via the script, making them customizable at runtime.


Pull Down Menus v1.3 - (SteveMcCrea)

The module allows you to crate mac style menus that work just like the menus at the top of any program.


Queued Background speech 2.03 - (SSH)

Displays a character's speech message in the background and plays an appropriate talk animation. You can queue up multiple messages by typing in several functions one after another.


Queued Speech 2.2 BETA - (monkey_05_06)

Provides queued background speech with speech animation.


Raw Get RGB 1.0 - (SSH)

Gets the RGB value of any pixel on the screen. Only works in 320x200 or 320x240 mode.


Read BMP 1.1 - (SSH)

SSH "Allows to read an uncompressed 24-bit BMP from disk into an array, allows flood fill, etc. ReadBMP"


Saves List with Screens GUI 1.10 - (SupSuper)

This module provides a GUI which allows you to load/save/delete saved games with screen shots through a list box.
For simplicity's sake, all these functions are merged into one window and there are no confirmation boxes. Feel free to change that to suit your needs.


Screen shots Save Load 1.01 - (SSH)

Adds a screen shot next to the file name when saving and loading. Includes custom GUI's and Modules.


Scrolling Dialog 1.21 - (monkey_05_06)

This module allows you to add scrolling dialogs to your game. The built-in dialog system doesn't allow you to have scrollable dialog options.


Simple Rain 1.0 - (SSH)

With some minor modifications to the simple snow module, you get simple rain.


Simple Snow 1.0 - (SSH)

Uses sprites to create a snow effect.


Slide Room 0.52 - (strazer)

Scrolls from the old room to the new room, instead of just fading.


Slow Move 1.1 - (SSH)

Moves characters and objects slower than you can normally move them. Doesn't animate them however so you have to do that yourself.


Spin Lock Comb 1.01 - (Snake Blisken)

Creates a spinning number lock, like a padlock on a school locker or a bicycle chain.


Sprite Font 1.1 - (SSH)

Display text using a font comprising sprites. The text can be drawn on background, dynamic sprite or overlay and BG text can be at any angle.


StarWars Scroller 1.01 - (SSH)

Scrolls text in the same way as the opening text in all the starwars movies and games. (This is my favorite because I love starwars).


Str Additions 2.0 - (monkey_05_06)

Provides new functions to increase string functionality within AGS.


Summ Pass Code 1.1 - (Ashen)

A variation on the standard 'Pass code' idea. Instead of entering the code on a standard keypad, the player presses buttons to 'add' towards the total.


Vector 1.0 - (HeirOfNorton)

This script module implements a Vector class, also known as a dynamic array. It can be used with integers, and is useful in cases where the size of the array is unknown until runtime, or when the array must change size.


Weather Module 1.0 - (Akumayo)

Creates simple, snow, rain, sea bubbles, asteroids, lightning and a few others including meatballs?


Wild Color 1.0 - (Akumayo)

Changes colors and shading.


Zoom 1.02 - (SSH)

Provides a function to zoom in on an area of a sprite.


Created By Jason Kay 2006