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The original version of a module. Some pretty amazing things have been achieved using plugins, but they only run on windows. Anybody running AGS on a MAC or Linux cant play games that use plugins, this has caused many problems. My advice, use a module version instead. If one doesn't exist either do without it or go with a plugin. most of these plugins require either allegro40.dll or allegro41.dll files. They all include whichever file they need plus instructions. Make sure to include the plugin files and the allegro files with your game or nobody will be able to play it.


AGI Graphics Emulation v0.3 - (David Scott)

The AGI engine powered the early Sierra games, it ran in 320x200 with 16 colors, however due to limitations of the old computers it halved the resolution for backgrounds and characters, they were drawn in a 160x200, creating a distinctive style due the rectangular pixels. This plugin attempts to give you that effect in AGS, for old school style/low detail graphics.


Character 3D 0.93 - (Besh81)

Allows you to use 3D character models in AGS. 3D models need to be converted using the Escultor program. (see programs page) or use milkshape 3D.


Calculator 1.61 - (Slaveino)

Adds calculator functions like "raise to power" and "Cos".


Character Control System 1.03 - (Scorpiorus)

This allows you to tell characters who are in other rooms what to do, like move them around and stuff.


Collision Detector 1.10 - (Fredorico Jeronimo)

Functions are provided to accomplish bounding-box sprite collision detection, and pixel-perfect sprite to pixel and sprite to sprite collision detection.


Creditz 2.0 - (Dima software)

It allows you to do a bunch of different things with text to create credit sequences.


File 1.1 - (Slaveino)

I don't Know what this does.


Finite State Machine 1.0 - (Fredorico Jeronimo)

I don't Know what this does.


Fire - (Steve McCrea)

Creates cool fire effects using masks or something.


Flashlight - (Andres Vogel)

blacks everything out and creates a spot of light, like a flashlight. Can do other effects as well.


Log Writer 1.00 - (Fredorico Jeronimo)

Something to do with logging errors (I think).


Mouse Text - (Sylpher)

I think it makes text follow the mouse (I'm not really sure).


Parallax Scrolling 1.01 - (Scorpiorus)

This allows you to make parallax scrolling, that is the background moves slower than the foreground.


Scaling 1.0 - (Erica McLane)

Adds the command "GetAreaScaling (int a, int b);"


Snow\Rain plugin 2.02 - (Scorpiorus)

Creates really good snow and rain effects.


TCP/IP-Plugin for AGS - (Andres Vogel)

Something to do with the internet, really hard to use.



Created By Jason Kay 2006