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Here I have a collection of programs for you to download, they should all help you to create a game in AGS in some way. I have graphics programs, a font editor and a whole bunch of other stuff, well you get the picture and you can just look down to see what their is. Enjoy.


Graphics Programs

AminGet 1.1

A simple little program that takes a screen shot every 10 milliseconds and compares it to the last. If it has changed it will be saved in memory ready to be saved to file's. This is an effective way of getting animations from games if you cant view the resources. The only problem is if the curser is animating in an adventure game, you will get loads of extra frames which you'll have to delete.

Idraw 3.32

Small paint program, ideal for creating sprites. It features a grid for easy pixel editing and it's based around palates so it'd ideal for low color sprites. A lot of RPG Maker users use this to create their RPG characters.

Graphics Gale

Very good painting program, has lots of really cool features. It features a grid for pixel editing, has palates for low color editing and it has really good animation functions including onion skin (see the previous frame slightly). Some AGS'ers like to use this program for their characters.



AGS Sound Manager 1.0.7

The AGS Sound Manager is a small program designed to simplify the use of sound effects file in AGS. It manages large number of files and makes it easier to play the sounds from the AGS script language. Why do you need this? Because AGS requires sound files to be called SOUND1.WAV. This can be very confusing when you are programming and you want to add a door slamming sound, is it SOUND23 or SOUND33, this is were this program comes in handy. It allows you to keep a list of all the sounds, what it's called and its AGS number and you can preview it.



This is a free midi composing program with lots of features which almost rival commercial programs but it's a little hard to use.



Allows you to convert a bunch of different sound formats into MP3 and OGG. Good program for shrinking sound sizes down.



Dialog Editor 3.1e

Use it to visually organize your conversations in AGS. There's no export function yet, and the program only saves and loads native .dg files. At the moment you can import the first topic of a file exported from AGS. Use the “File->Import” feature. It's pretty much useless at the moment though.


Escultor 2.0

Escultor is 3D editor for making low polygon models for games. Its entirely written in C and uses the Allegro game programming library. You'll need it to use the "3d Characters Plugin". It lacks documentation and tutorials, and, as you can see in it's official page, it was last updated a long time ago.


Fix Translation

If your translator deleted some tags, this will try to fix it. Needs the original translation file. (unsupported)


Font edit

This is a cool simple little program made by Radiant, which allows editing of ttf, sci and bmp font files.


Name Creator 2.1

This is a name creating program created by me. This differs from normal name creating programs in several ways. It has both male and female names. Most importantly name inputting is a lot more sophisticated compared to other simple programs. It checks to see whether the name you entered is already in the database. Best of all if you copy a list into the folder, you can click a button to remove all doubled names in the list. This means you can combine multiple lists together easily.


Paledit Beta 3

Used to edit palates used in AGS and paint programs, like those up in the graphics section.


Snip 3

Stores pieces of code for easier and faster coding in AGS.


Walk Cycle Generator 1.10

A truly amazing program made by SSH in AGS. This program attaches images to bones and moves them around to create a walking animation. The walk cycle animation is customizable by changing a whole load of values in a .XML script. This is truly one of the most imaginative and ingenious program i've seen in quite a while.


Wurd Problems 1.1

Wurd Problems is a little thing to help AGS developers stay organized when developing and planning their games. It's fairly straight forward. You type in the main window, and switch sections using the tree window. There's also a mini-browser with some helpful AGS-related links, and a small area for doodling ideas, which can be saved as bmp files. There is also a quick launch menu item that'll launch the windows calculator, provided it is installed and located in either the windows, or system folder.

Created By Jason Kay 2006