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* bicilotti has changed topic for #agsawards to: "AGS Awards 2012 Ceremony!"

<JimReed> mic check mic check one two
<Tramponline> I see you guys double, whaaat glass
<qptain_Nemo> 99 bottles of beer on the wall
<Ponch> scratch
<abstauber> clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap

<bicilotti> Good evening lads and lasses and welcome to the AGS Awards 2012 ceremony!
<bicilotti> This is the show where the best games of the year are selected by *you*, the player!
<bicilotti> So, rejoice.
<bicilotti> Let me spend a few words on how this will work: for most of the ceremony the channel will be +m, which means only me and the announcers will be able to talk.
<bicilotti> When a winner is announced, I will set the channel to -m, which means you can clap (to make them developers feel the love).
<bicilotti> Aaaaaaaaaaaaand just to test this out, LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM111!!1!11!111

<Yarcanox> warawrwarharawwhrawrhawrhawr
<Pablo> SCREAM!
<Ponch> woot
<Bulbapuck> WHIII
<Chicky> sdrtdsfg
<Chicky> dfg
<Chicky> dfg
<Datadog> WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
<Ilyich> aaaaa
<Tabby> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
<abstauber> clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clapclap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clapclap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clapclap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clapclap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clapclap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap c
<abstauber> lap clap clap clapclap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
<Knoodn> clap
<Sslaxx> Scream.
<bicilotti> xD
<JimReed> clapwhoo
<jfrisby> WOOO
<anian> wee
-*- tzachs is screaming!
<CaptainD> Barf
-*- Pablo removes pants
<Bulbapuck> Let's test more!
<Ponch> yee haw
<CaptainD> Narf
<Yarcanox> Pablo NO
<Tramponline> ARRRRRRRH!! Matey!

<bicilotti> sssssssssssssexy as usual, AGS lot!
<bicilotti> let's start with BEST SOUND EFECTS, with renowed hourgamer and chess player, Bulbapuck
<Bulbapuck> Good evening gentlemen and gentlewomen.
<Bulbapuck> I am here to announce the award for best Sound Effects
<Bulbapuck> The nominees are as follows:
-*- bicilotti nods
<Bulbapuck> RESONANCE by Vince Twelve
<Bulbapuck> So without any further delay.
<Bulbapuck> The winner is:
<Bulbapuck> *drumroll*
<bicilotti> :)
<Bulbapuck> (♪dun du-du duuuuun♪)
<Bulbapuck> RESONANCE

<Ponch> woot
<Knoodn> hooray!!
<bicilotti> CLAP
<Bulbapuck> Congratulations!
<Ponch> clap
<cat> clap
<Datadog> CLAP!
-*- bicilotti claps
<CaptainD> Clapity clap
<Peder> Yay!
<Tramponline> AAAAWWESOME!
<Knoodn> clap clap clap
<Chicky> yayayay
<jfrisby> clap clap
<Urpney> clap!
<Sslaxx> Good going for Vince!
<Tabby> clap clap
<Ilyich> clapity clap
<abstauber> yaayrrrrr
<Chicky> clap clap
-*- decafjedi claps!
<Scavenger> Clap :3
<Chicky> clap
<Akril15> Congrats!
<anian> sweet
<tzachs> clap clap clap
<Wheeler_> polite, yet refrained clap.
<Stupot> WOOHOOO!!! GET IN!
<Ponch> too bad vince couldn't be here
-*- Bulbapuck claps
<JimReed> clap
<Bulbapuck> clap clap
<abstauber> clap
<Urpney> clap!
<Urpney> clap!
<Urpney> clap!
<Urpney> clap!
<Ilyich> a lot of slow clapping there
<qptain_Nemo> *sounds of resonancing resonators*

<bicilotti> seems the Vinnie is missing!
<bicilotti> Unlucky him, he will be unable to thank the crowd!
<bicilotti> Now, for best ANImAtioN, anian
<anian> Good evening, day or night, the nominations for Best Animation are:
<anian> Sughly for Anna's Quest Vol. 1: Winfriede's Tower
<anian> Francisco Gonzalez for Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator Case 8: Relics of the Past
<anian> Vince Twelve for Resonance
<anian> Infamous Adventures for Space Quest II VGA
<anian> Datadog for Space Quest Incinerations
<anian> and the winner for best animation is *opening the digital envelope*

<Ponch> woot
<Yarcanox> wow again :)
<bicilotti> woot another one
<Sslaxx> Two for Vince!
<anian> Congratualtions to the winner and well done everybody else
<Ponch> I see a trend coming...
<Eric> Time to get a broom?
<abstauber> Congrats, Shane!
<Urpney> clap!
-*- decafjedi claps!
<Urpney> clap!
<Ponch> clap
<bicilotti> hot steam vinnie
<Tramponline> is ProgZ here?
<Tabby> congratulations
<jfrisby> woooooo
<Chicky> hurrah!
<Ascovel> clap clap
<Stupot> WOOP WOOP!
<Tabby> clap clap
<straydogstrut> clap!
<JimReed> clap clap clap
<tzachs> clap clap clap
<CaptainD> Yay
<Azure_> well done!
<CaptainD> and stuff
<Knoodn> clap clap!!
<Ilyich> clap
<Ascovel> congrats Shane
<Pablo> clapityclapclap
<bicilotti> mh, judging from the thread he is driving home
<Ascovel> Shane come back!
<abstauber> claps0r
<Chicky> clappy clpie clap
<bicilotti> let's hope he can make it!
<Ponch> cl4ps
<Bulbapuck> WHOO, Predictions correct so far :D
<bicilotti> and most importantly
<JimReed> ClapZmax
<bicilotti> CLAP
<Ponch> moo
<Chicky> ClapReed
<-> AJA_ is now known as AJA

<bicilotti> congrats again to Mr ex ex ai
<bicilotti> who, according to the forums, is driving home
<bicilotti> and now, best Nude Portrait of a Car, with Chicky
<Chicky> *hic*
<Chicky> Good evening AGS!
<bicilotti> evenin', dude
<Chicky> Don't you all look FABULOUS!
<bicilotti> let's hear them
<Chicky> I am here to present the awards for Best Non Player Character and Best Background Art.
<Chicky> The nominations for Best Non Player Character are:
<Chicky> Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator Case 8: Relics of the Past
<Chicky> Pledge Quest II: Noodle Shop of Horrors
<Chicky> Space Quest Incinerations
<Chicky> and the award for BEST NPC goes to…
<Chicky> Percival Quentin Jones, as seen in:
<Chicky> Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator Case 8: Relics of the Past!
<Chicky> !!
<bicilotti> here you are, Grundislav !
<Grundislav> Thank you!
<bicilotti> Tell us something!
<bicilotti> something more elaborate?
<Grundislav> Thank you all for the votes, and special thanks to our fearless founder Chris Jones for his wonderful portrayal and bringing the character to life
-*- qptain_Nemo shines the spotlight on Grundislav
<bicilotti> what a touching "thank you"!
<bicilotti> feel the love of AGS, grundi!

-*- Grundislav touches bicilotti
-*- Pablo throws his panties at Grundislav
<Ponch> woo
<AJA> YAY! Haven't played it yet!! Also, clap!
<Tabby> congrats - clap clap
<Knoodn> YES!! Clap clap!!
<Urpney> clap!
<tzachs> Congrats Grundisval! clap clap clap! Yay for PQJ!
<Urpney> clap!
-*- bicilotti goes all sexy
<Urpney> clap!
<Bulbapuck> woooooo
<jfrisby> congrats :D
<JimReed> clapslav
<Ponch> clap
<straydogstrut> Well said=)
<abstauber> Yay! CLAPITTY CLAP
<Chicky> Congratulations!
<Bulbapuck> clap clap clap
<Ilyich> Clapclapclapclap!
-*- decafjedi claps!
<Tramponline> ay!
<CaptainD> Claps /
<Sslaxx> Congratulations, good sir.
<abstauber> congrats!
-*- Pablo jumps on stage and harasses Grundislav
<JimReed> clapity calpity clap
<cat> Wheeee! Congrats!
<Tabby> yeeeha
<Urpney> well done Percy : )
<Tramponline> Landlubbers!
<Wheeler_> bravo
<Ascovel> clap congrat
<Ponch> get off the stage, pablo
<Stupot> YaY Well done Percival.
<Akril15> *applause*
-*- Stupot claps
<Ascovel> Perctastic!

<bicilotti> I can't but agree that PQJ is a remarkable character!
<bicilotti> next dice roll! This time, best programming, with cat!
<cat> Hello AGS community!
<cat> The nominees for Best Programming are
<cat> Barely Floating by Stemshock Interactive
<cat> Indiana Rodent: Raiders of the Lost Cheese by Crystal Shard
<cat> RAM Ghost by Ghost
<cat> Resonance by Vince Twelve
<cat> Space Quest Incinerations by Datadog
<cat> And the winner is...
<cat> Resonance
<bicilotti> :o
<cat> Congratulations, Vince and team!

<bicilotti> again and again!
<cat> I hope you come home soon to collect your awards!
<bicilotti> hihihi
<Tramponline> well deserved
<Ponch> clap
<Grundislav> hooray for Resonance!
<Tramponline> nerd :p
<jfrisby> woooo
<Knoodn> Clapclapclapclap...
<qptain_Nemo> well Resonance certainly deserved that one
<Datadog> Clap!
<straydogstrut> Yay, congrats=)
<Tabby> congratulations - clappidiclap :D
<abstauber> whoooo
<bicilotti> nicely done, vinnie!
<cat> clap!
<Peder> congrats
<bicilotti> ram ghost was nice too!
<Urpney> what a surprise! : )) clap, clap, clap, clap!
<Ilyich> well deserved!
<Ascovel> programmed clap!
<Chicky> Congratulations Vince
<tzachs> clap clap clap! The rewind feature alone deserved the award...
<abstauber> clap
-*- qptain_Nemo claps using Pablo's face
<CaptainD> congrats again
<abstauber> according to the thread, vince still trys to join
-*- Pablo is still on stage and nobody notices :(
<Ponch> stage dive!
<Stupot> Well done gang.
-*- Pablo stage dives on EVERYONE
<bicilotti> oh, viennie is having problems with connection, it seems
<JimReed> clap clap clap
<Tramponline> Tramp catches no one
<AJA> Congrats, Vince, please get here soon before Pablo gets us all killed!
<bicilotti> Pablo is a refiend gent
<Stupot> clap clap clap
<AJA> One dead, already!

<bicilotti> and now, let's look ahead! BEST DEMO, with Ilyich
<Ilyich> Hello, and welcome again to the AGS Awards, where we honour all the wonderful people who are keeping an old genre alive and kicking!
<bicilotti> :)
<Ilyich> Not to be mistaken for the other AGS Awards, where they honour all the wonderful people who are keeping old folks alive and kicking!:
<Ilyich> And the nominees for the Best Demo are:
<bicilotti> :o
<Ilyich> Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots
<Ilyich> by CaptainD
<Ilyich> Oz Orwell and the Crawling Chaos
<Ilyich> by Midian Design
-*- bicilotti feels geriatric
<Ilyich> and the winner is...
<Ilyich> Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots by CaptainD!
<Knoodn> Hooray, Dave!! Congrats!!!!

<Ilyich> Congratulations!
<Ponch> clap
<Tabby> well done - congrats yaaay !
<bicilotti> well deserved!
<tzachs> clap clap
<Stupot> clap clap clap clap clap
<qptain_Nemo> cheers :)

<bicilotti> so CaptainD , share your thougts!
<CaptainD> I'd like to thank all the wonderful people who voted for our demo
<CaptainD> even all the people who didn't!
<bicilotti> xD
<CaptainD> Cheers all, seriously it means a lot to me and the team
<bicilotti> now that's what I call a speech! Enjoy the moment, and hope to see this in AGS Awards 2013!

<Bulbapuck> Congrats man!
<Stupot> Well done Cap'n
<Ponch> clap
<cat> clap
<qptain_Nemo> clap
<AJA> Congrats!
<Urpney> clap
<anian> clap clap
<Ponch> drip
<straydogstrut> clap
<Ascovel> clap plac
<Bulbapuck> clapclpaclapclapclap
<qptain_Nemo> clappy clap
<Pablo> hooooooray!
<Knoodn> clap and clap and clap and clap and keep clapping
<abstauber> clap clap clap
<jfrisby> wooooo
<Datadog> clap!
<Tramponline> great demo
<Wheeler_> All the claps.
<Pablo> I'm so excited for everyone I can hardly breathe!!
<JimReed> clap clap clap
-*- Sslaxx sends purrs.
<CaptainD> Okay I'm blushing a little now...
<bicilotti> well deserved
<CaptainD> :-O
<Tramponline> rrrrrrrrrrrr
<bicilotti> really interesting production
-*- Grundislav claps!
<bicilotti> WE WANT CaptainD NAKED
<CaptainD> Not tonight
-*- qptain_Nemo claps too!
<Ponch> oh cap'n my cap'n
<Tramponline> mob
<Knoodn> ClaptainD
<JimReed> ClapD

<bicilotti> nice retro clapping there
<bicilotti> 5 award gone, 6th one (Best Voice Work) will be presented by Jim Reed.
<bicilotti> a stanch retro pixel pusher
<JimReed> Hello AGSers and AGSettes!
<JimReed> I'm here to announce the AGS 2012 BEST VOICEWORK award!
<JimReed> The nominees are:
<JimReed> Anna's Quest Vol. 1: Winfriede's Tower
<JimReed> Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator Case 8: Relics of the Past
<JimReed> Resonance
<JimReed> Space Quest II VGA
<JimReed> The Cat Lady
<JimReed> ...
<JimReed> And the BEST VOICEWORK AWARD goes to...
<bicilotti> :o
<JimReed> _.oO !!! RESONANCE!!! Oo._
<JimReed> (also drive safe)
<bicilotti> mr. too sexy for this room isn't there yet :c

<Ponch> clap
<Ascovel> wheee
<Tabby> clappydyclapp - congratulations
-*- tzachs accepts the award on Vince's behalf.
<jfrisby> wooooo, congrats
-*- straydogstrut howls
<Ascovel> clapps
<Urpney> where is Vince??
<bicilotti> how many has he won yet?
<AJA> Resonance??? I am shocked and awed! Congrats!
<abstauber> whohooo!
<Datadog> Clap!
<Knoodn> Vince again! Congrats!
<Pablo> We can have a separat Resonance Awards ceremony later.
<qptain_Nemo> qlap qlap
<Tramponline> Who's VInce?
<bicilotti> let's check the thread again
<JimReed> Clap calp lapc cpla
<bicilotti> haha Pablo
<abstauber> Congrats.. after all those years
<CaptainD> congrats yet again!!
<Tabby> weeeeeeee clap
<Stupot> Resounding success!
<AJA> Vince is inside all of us at this very moment
<Tramponline> who are you guys?
<Stupot> clap clap clap
<Grundislav> Clearly this award was won because of Dr. Morales ;P
<Ponch> welcome to the 2013 Resonance awards ;-)
<Ponch> Morrrrrrales?
<Tramponline> hehehe
<Akril15> There's definitely a trend happening here!
<Sslaxx> Vince!
<Urpney> congratulations mr XII!
<Tramponline> lol Grundfislav
<Bulbapuck> Gratz Vince!
<VinceTwelve> Finally.
<abstauber> Yay!
<Stupot> hooray! Vince!
<bicilotti> VINNIE
<Ponch> woot!!!!!!

<bicilotti> so vinnie
<VinceTwelve> Errr hi.
<bicilotti> yo won stuff
<bicilotti> while you weren't there
<bicilotti> like
<VinceTwelve> Sweet.
<bicilotti> BEST SFX
<JimReed> The award was stolen
<bicilotti> Best Animation
<VinceTwelve> Sorry about that... I was speeding like crazy on the highway.
<bicilotti> Best Programming
<JimReed> (drive safe)
<bicilotti> and Best Voicework!
<VinceTwelve> SFX: props to Nik!
<bicilotti> dude, you are sweeping it!
<VinceTwelve> Animation: props to ProgZ!
<VinceTwelve> Programming: Props to me and Janet!
-*- bicilotti claps
<VinceTwelve> Voicework: Props to Dave!
<VinceTwelve> sweet.
<VinceTwelve> thank you!
<bicilotti> a very humble winner we have, make him blush!

<Ponch> lap
<Knoodn> Props to veryone!!
<Chicky> hurah!
-*- bicilotti claps
<VinceTwelve> *blush*
<Stupot> Clap clap clap!
<AJA> Adopt me!
<Bulbapuck> WE LOVE YOU VINCE!!!!!
<tzachs> All hail king Vince!
<Chicky> congratulations Vince!
<qptain_Nemo> hooray for an ambitious project successfully delivered! :)
<Ponch> w00t
<Tabby> clap clap
-*- qptain_Nemo claps
<Sslaxx> Splendid going.
<straydogstrut> woohoo
<Urpney> excellent work on Resonance!
<bicilotti> can we leak a copy here
<JimReed> clap12
<CaptainD> Yee-har!
<cat> clap
<Tabby> weeeeeeee
<VinceTwelve> Totally a team effort!
-*- abstauber awaits you in the jacuzzi afterwards
<jfrisby> clap clap clap :D
<bicilotti> just to support piracy
<Ascovel> mega-clap
<Akril15> Congratulations!
<Ponch> anyone have a torrent of Resoance? I hear it's pretty good.
<Bulbapuck> WE LOVE YOU TEAM!!!!!
<VinceTwelve> But I deserve 100% of the credit for everything.
<Peder> lol Ponch
-*- Grundislav 's rum is cold but his jacuzzi is warm
<VinceTwelve> HUMBLE
<bicilotti> we have a sex offender
<bicilotti> and I like this
<bicilotti> err
<bicilotti> I mean
<bicilotti> say something
<Stupot> haha
-*- abstauber 's hovercraft is full of eels...
<bicilotti> SAY SOMETHING
<abstauber> err CLAP!
<Ponch> clap!
<Ascovel> clapsay

<bicilotti> sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo
<bicilotti> if life is an adventure game
<bicilotti> and I am uneployed
<bicilotti> it means I suck at puzzle solving
<bicilotti> (best puzzles, with Disco Stu!)
<qptain_Nemo> (it means you can't use it here)
<Stupot> Good day all you lovlies
-*- bicilotti waves
<bicilotti> hi mum!
<Stupot> The nominees for Best Puzzles are:
<Stupot> BARELY FLOATING by Stemshock Interactive
<Stupot> RESONANCE by Vince Twelve
<Stupot> UNGA NEEDS MUMBA by Knoodn
<Stupot> and the winner is.....
<bicilotti> :o
<bicilotti> pls stahp VinceTwelve
<VinceTwelve> Yay!
<VinceTwelve> Sorry
<VinceTwelve> Um
<bicilotti> who made them puzzles ?
-*- Stupot shakes Vinces hand
-*- bicilotti does that, too
<VinceTwelve> So, Resonance took five years to make, and it was totally a team project.
<VinceTwelve> Nik and Progz were with me the whole way
<VinceTwelve> and a lot of puzzles grew out of the process and changed over time.
<VinceTwelve> But for the most part, I wrote them all in about a month
<bicilotti> just a month? :o cool!

<tzachs> clap clap clap
<AJA> Congrats! Well deserved, best puzzles I've had the pleasure of solving in years!
<Stupot> What a guy!
<jfrisby> puzzle-riffic, congrats! :D
<VinceTwelve> Check out the design doc I posted last week if you're interested in the original puzzle designs!
<VinceTwelve> Thank you!
<Datadog> Clap!
<Akril15> *applause*
<abstauber> clap clappity cl4p
<Sslaxx> Knocking 'em dead.
-*- Chicky claps
<Urpney> the puzzle box? that was crazy!
<straydogstrut> =D
<Tabby> weeeeee clapclap
<Ascovel> puzzled clap
<Ponch> clap
<abstauber> yarp?
<cat> clap
<Knoodn> clapclapclapclap
<Tramponline> Deserved
<Ponch> (golf clap)
<Bulbapuck> clllllap
<Sslaxx> Arkngthand?
<jfrisby> where's that design doc?
<Eric> I was glad I watched the locker magnet puzzle being made on UStream.
<qptain_Nemo> claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppppppppp
<bicilotti> SHOWS US THE DOC

<bicilotti> I will announce the next award myself.
<bicilotti> As you probably know, two of them awards are decided by a committee of wise agser.
<bicilotti> I oversee the whole process, and this year we had much to ponder for BEST INNOVATION
<bicilotti> lots has happened, AGS has moved forward!
<bicilotti> We decided to honour with this award a person who made it possible to play AGS games on a plethora(sp) of different platforms!
<bicilotti> A remarkable effort, a remarkable achievement.
<bicilotti> Ladies and gents, the winner of BEST INNOVATION is...
<bicilotti> (drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumrolls)
<bicilotti> JJS!

<Ponch> clap!!!
<tzachs> JJS = GOD!
<Crimson> YAY
<Tabby> clap, clap, clap, YAAAY! Hipp, hopp - hoooray!! :D
<bicilotti> and please CLAP like there is no tomowwor
<Datadog> Clap!
<qptain_Nemo> hooray!
<jfrisby> Awesome
<Mati256> congratulations, a great effort!
<bicilotti> becuase really
<Urpney> clap clap clap!
<Ponch> w00t!
<Eric> Claps all around.
<Ilyich> Well deserved!
<Grundislav> RRRRRRR...I mean, JJS!!
<anian> here here
<Stupot> Clap clap clap! Hooray!
<VinceTwelve> Wooo! I hope to soon profit from your efforts!
<Yarcanox_> tomowwor :)
<qptain_Nemo> clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
<bicilotti> that dude really deserved it
<abstauber> clap clap clap yaaay
<cat> yay! we will take over the world with AGS!
<Crimson> totally deserved, congrats!
<Knoodn> clap as wild
<VinceTwelve> :DDDD
<Urpney> great job SSH!
<Chicky> clap clap clap clap clap
<Ponch> couldn't have been anyone else! :D
<Ascovel> clap clap clap
<Akril15> Hats off to you, JJS!
<abstauber> Thank you so much
<straydogstrut> clap and well deserved!
<bicilotti> really well deserved
<AJA> Congrats! Awesome work on the ports etc!
<Tramponline> are you guys typing in advance?
<bicilotti> I hope to see all of the ags games on linux, soon!
<abstauber> now I need an IOS device to test it
<Ponch> maybe we type fast, tramp?
<Tramponline> cheating, I say
<Tramponline> typing
<abstauber> anyone got one spare ? :)
<bicilotti> pffft iOS
<Ponch> fast hooves, I say
<Sslaxx> Play them with natively already, Bic.
<bicilotti> l00nix FTW
<Chicky> it's all show biz
<Yarcanox_> lol bici :)
<Bulbapuck> GZJJS
<anian> it's called a telepromter, TRamp
<CaptainD> Mega-grats
<qptain_Nemo> anian, lol
<Tramponline> that futuristic

<bicilotti> time for Best BG!
<bicilotti> With a lovely girl, Chicky
<Chicky> wheee
<Chicky> The nominations for Best Background Art are:
<Chicky> Gray by Fitz
<Chicky> Patchwork by Ilyich
<Chicky> Resonance by Vince Twelve
<Chicky> Space Quest II VGA by Infamous Adventures
<Chicky> Space Quest Incinerations by Datadog
<Chicky> ...
<Chicky> And the award for Best Background Art goes to…
<Chicky> *Drumroll*
<Chicky> *paradiddle*
<Chicky> Resonance!!
<Chicky> Congratulations Vince and the team!
<VinceTwelve> Woo! :D
<bicilotti> again! The Man himself on stage!
<Chicky> the stage is this way Vince
<VinceTwelve> I would like to congratulates all the others nominated this year and say sorry for the sweep. Sometimes people vote across the board... Sorry. Lots of great games out there!!!
<VinceTwelve> Um, but this one is totally deserved.
<bicilotti> :) indeed it is
<VinceTwelve> Nauris (who isn't an AGSer) killed it on these backgrounds
<bicilotti> I was shocked by the production values of Resonance
<bicilotti> clap time!
<VinceTwelve> a lot of the time, some extra details that he added in on his own changed the puzzles or design because they gave me good ideas

<Ascovel> Unbelievable!
<VinceTwelve> Woooo! Thanks!
<abstauber> AYEAYAYAYAaa
<Tabby> clap, clap, clap, YAAAY!
<cat> clap
<Knoodn> Time to clap: CLAP!
<Ponch> Resonance won an award? No way! O_O
-*- Ilyich punches the ground
<Ascovel> Bravo!
-*- tzachs claps in the background
<Bulbapuck> GRATZ MAN!!
<Chicky> oh noes!
<Urpney> Vince, you did too good : )
<anian> BACKGROUNDS we love you!
<VinceTwelve> Damn me to hell!
<Ponch> clap
<abstauber> Cthulu!
<Ilyich> Congrats! :)
<qptain_Nemo> Ponch, there must be some mistake!
<Datadog> Clap!
<straydogstrut> Congrats!
<Chicky> stop crowding Vince!
<AJA> Congrats in any case! :)
<Bulbapuck> It's an amazing game, deserves it all
<VinceTwelve> Yayayayayaya
<CaptainD> Good job these awards are virtual, he'd run out of space...
<Stupot> Woohooo!
<abstauber> yayayayayayyaaa
<Tabby> weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<Ponch> clap
<Stupot> Love Resonance!
<Eric> I hope all nominees who didn't win come back to be nominated again in future years!
<Eric> (With future games for me to play!)
<Stupot> clappity clap
<abstauber> Clahulu!

<bicilotti> a man of dignity and character for Best Charater!
-*- Ascovel exhales and puts on his best smile
<bicilotti> *Best Player Character
<Ascovel> :)
<Ascovel> Dear AGSirs and AGSirens...
<Ascovel> We all know why are we here.
<Ascovel> Some characters are players, and many players are characters.
<Ascovel> This award is dedicated to the ones that are both.
<Ascovel> The nominees for the best player character category are as follows:
<Ascovel> Ben Jordan from Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator Case 8: Relics of the Past
<Ascovel> Gray from Gray
-*- Ascovel notices that his zipper is down
<Ascovel> Bennet from Resonance
<Ascovel> Roger Wilco from Space Quest Incinerations
<Ascovel> the Cat Lady from The Cat Lady
<Ascovel> The winner was first introduced to us with a beautiful internal monologue
<Ascovel> frought with insecurity and angst
<bicilotti> :)
<Ascovel> cause the character has a very gray persona
<Ascovel> an insufferable know-it-all
<Ascovel> that dresses up like a space janitor
-*- Ascovel adjusts the mic
<Ascovel> The winning character is...
-*- Ascovel strikes a Ben Jordan pose
<bicilotti> :o
<Ascovel> Ben Jordan!
<Grundislav> yay!
-*- bicilotti bows
<Grundislav> thanks everyone! I'm glad Ben Jordan didn't wear out over the course of 8 games
<Grundislav> and thanks for sticking with a character called BJ
<bicilotti> as Ascovel noted, a well deserved award for his last case!
<qptain_Nemo> indeed
<Ascovel> Trivia: Sadly we part our with Ben Jordan, but he may still cameo in Golden Rake and/or Back Door Man 2
<Grundislav> (Wake)
<bicilotti> BDM2 ftw!!!11!1!1!
<Grundislav> A Golden Rake is the sequel about gardening
<qptain_Nemo> BDM2 \o/
<Ascovel> Trivia 2: It's the first win for Jordan since 2003's Ben Jordan 3.
<bicilotti> Golden Take
<bicilotti> :o
<bicilotti> Ascovel, you are a much better host than I am!
<bicilotti> claps for both, folks!

<tzachs> Ben FUCKING Jordan!!! clap clap!!
<CaptainD> clappity clap clap clappity clap clap hoot hoot growl frown snort clap clap
<Tabby> clap, clap, clap, YAAAY! Hipp, hipp - hoooray!! :D
<abstauber> RRRreeeess.. wait, what? :D *clap clap clap*
<Ponch> BJs for everyone!!
<Ponch> woot
<straydogstrut> clap clap clap!!
<Stupot> Clap clap clap. Well deserved. Ben Jordan is a hero!
<Chicky> Congratulations Grundi!
<abstauber> hooray
<qptain_Nemo> hoooray for legendary Ben Jordan!
<VinceTwelve> clap clap clap!!!!
<Sslaxx> Good going once again, Grund.
<Ascovel> clap claps
<cat> Wheeeeeee!
<Bulbapuck> YAAAAAAAAY
-*- qptain_Nemo claps
<Akril15> Bravo!
<cat> Clapclapclap
<abstauber> clap clap clap clap clap
<Datadog> Clap! Clap!
<Bulbapuck> clap clap clap clap clap clap
<Urpney> clap clap clap clap
<Ponch> clap
<bicilotti> legendary character
<anian> nice one grundy
<bicilotti> let me recall a line from jim
<tzachs> Spanos or Reed?
<bicilotti> which BJ was the best, btw?
<AJA> Congrats!
<Stupot> Snake!
<bicilotti> VOTE
<Tramponline> use Spanos on Reed
<bicilotti> humpa humpa
<qptain_Nemo> bicilotti, aaahh, provoking flamewars, are you?
<AJA> the one I had earlier today, bici!
<VinceTwelve> the one i got last night
<VinceTwelve> damn
<Snake> Hello!
<bicilotti> BJ2
<VinceTwelve> Well played, AJA
<bicilotti> VOTE BJ2
<AJA> too late, Vince, too late :)
<Sslaxx> Hi there, Snake.
<Ponch> Snake! Hi!
<VinceTwelve> :D
<qptain_Nemo> AJA, no such thing as a too late BJ
<Snake> :D
<Ascovel> BJ5 Snake
<AJA> true
<Tramponline> you're too late and not drunk yet!
<Ponch> Snake showed up to show his love of BJ
<VinceTwelve> Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

<bicilotti> again, hat tip to Ascovel
<bicilotti> from Char to Char , and it's not a function!
<bicilotti> Best Character Art, with Tramponline
<Tramponline> Hello gang! Lovely to be here with all of you!
<Tramponline> I had a whole speech prepared, but bicilotti wouldn't have it. Too much
<Tramponline> foul language or something... :P
<Tramponline> Thus, without further ado, the next award category is...
<bicilotti> xD
<Tramponline> The nominees:
<Tramponline> I#m quite drunk it may take a while!
<bicilotti> :o
<Tramponline> "ANNA'S QUEST VOL. 1: WINFRIEDE'S TOWER" by Dane Krams (aka Sughly)
<bicilotti> anna eine bot?
<Tramponline> "BEN JORDAN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR CASE 8: RELICS OF THE PAST" by Francisco Gonzalez (aka Grundislav)
<Tramponline> don't distract me
-*- bicilotti fills Tramponline's glass up
<Tramponline> where's that text file...
<Tramponline> "RESONANCE" by Vince Wesselman (aka Vince Twelve)
<Tramponline> "SPACE QUEST II VGA" by Infamous Adventures (aka a whole lot of guys)
<Tramponline> "SPACE QUEST INCINERATIONS" by Datadog (...that's his real name!)
<Tramponline> oh, yeah..
<Tramponline> And the winner is...
<Tramponline> (You have to follow that link, you numbskulls! :p )
<bicilotti> xD
<Tramponline> will get more beer...
<bicilotti> :o
<Tramponline> RESONANCE!
<VinceTwelve> I actually downloaded that wav file
<VinceTwelve> well played
<bicilotti> indeed, Tramponline !
<VinceTwelve> And thanks to Tramponline. If only there was a category for best fonts!
<Tramponline> hahaha , so little
<Tramponline> contribution, but thanks
<bicilotti> ohhhhhhhhhhh
<VinceTwelve> So, this award obviously goes to ProgZMax who killed it on characters
<VinceTwelve> You wouldn't believe how many fucking animations I made him make.
<bicilotti> progZ the Wiz
<bicilotti> shoot a number
<VinceTwelve> So, clap for ProgZ!
<bicilotti> ok!

<AJA> This mindless killing must stop!
<Snake> *clap
<Eric> I don't remember seeing any fucking animations in Resonance. I must have bought the rated version.
<Ponch> ProgZclap
<tzachs> claponline
<Peder> *clap clap*
<AJA> Congrats!
<Ilyich> CLAP CLAP
<Bulbapuck> Trampoline's drunk? Outrageous! This is a highly sophosticated event. I demand to see the manager!
<Tabby> clap, clap, clap, YAAAY! Hipp, hipp - hoooray!! :D
<Akril15> *applause*
<qptain_Nemo> Tramponline, great speech :D
<Ascovel> bravissimo!
<Tramponline> Conratzss to Shane, very well deserved sir!
<VinceTwelve> Oh, and Tramp: Wesselmann has two N's you insensitive clod!!!!
<Stupot> Great work Shane
<Chicky> Nice one ProgZmax, master of pixel
<straydogstrut> CLAP CLAPCLAP
<Stupot> clap clap clap clap
<Bulbapuck> Well done Progz!
<Urpney> clap clap clap
<Tramponline> darn!
<CaptainD> clapsalot
<qptain_Nemo> clap
<abstauber> clap clap clap - awesome spritework indeed
<Tramponline> bleeding source and funny level
<Ascovel> Even the interface anims were amazing
<Ponch> clap
<bicilotti> where is prozy
<tzachs> Puts the Z to the max, he's ProgZmax!
<Knoodn> ClapZ
<bicilotti> I took a leak meanwhile
<Sslaxx> He does the job.
<Ponch> Somebody send up the Z Signal!
<bicilotti> hey, before continuing
<Tramponline> don'T make me blush all of you

<bicilotti> do you know that, in organizing the awards
<bicilotti> I was helped by individuals like AGA , Peder and qptain_Nemo ?
<bicilotti> and that they asked for some claps as payment for their services?
<qptain_Nemo> No problem.
<bicilotti> CLAP GUYS

<Ponch> clap
<Eric> *crickets*
<Stupot> clap clap clap clap clap
<qptain_Nemo> I'm the baws.
<Peder> XD
<CaptainD> cheers for AGA, Peder and qptain_Nemo!
-*- Sslaxx claps.
<Ilyich> clap clap
<Tabby> clap, clap, clap, YAAAY!
<Grundislav> clap! clap! and clap!
<Ascovel> claps a bunch of money
<tzachs> clap clap clap for the organizers
<Knoodn> I didn't know!
<AJA> clappee!
-*- Sslaxx claps a clapperboard.
<Ponch> clap clap clap moo
<Tabby> good work!
<Crimson> clap :)
<Knoodn> clap clap
<Stupot> all awesome chaps
<Ascovel> I wasn't told
<Bulbapuck> Well done! A splendid event!
<anian> no money, no clap
<bicilotti> becuase really, hosting the site, managing it and all, it's a fuckload of work.
<Datadog> Clap!
<Chicky> clap clap clap!
<VinceTwelve> clap clap clap!
<Tabby> weeeeeeeeeeee
<Peder> *claps for myself, AGA and qptain_Nemo*
<abstauber> clapclapclap
<anian> just kidding, clap clap clap
<Akril15> *clapping*
<Ponch> I love Peder! I'm a Peder-phile!
<qptain_Nemo> (on the serious note, i don't remember helping much)
<bicilotti> xD
<Peder> XD
<Chicky> haha
<cat> clap
<VinceTwelve> Woooooo weeeeeeee waaaaaaaaaaa wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu wyyyyyyyyyyyy
<Crimson> so, do they like, work for food?
<AJA> Clap-Moo could be made into an interesting game...

<bicilotti> I mean, next award!
<bicilotti> BEST MUSIC, with Peder !
<Peder> XD
<Peder> Evening peeps!
<Peder> Hopefully you are all having a nice time!
<Peder> I'm here tonight to announce the award for my favourite category:
<Peder> Best Music!
<Peder> The nominees are:
<Peder> Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator Case 8: Relics of the Past by Peter Gresser
<Peder> Resonance by Nikolas
<Peder> Space Quest II VGA by MusicallyInspired & LilBlueSmurf
<Peder> Space Quest Incinerations by olzen, mchastney, Gabriel_Down, agentbauer
<Peder> And the winner is:
<Peder> *orchestral drumroll*
<Peder> RESONANCE!!!!
<VinceTwelve> Nikolas Sideris, COME ON DOWN!
<VinceTwelve> He's not here...
<bicilotti> Nikolas is really awesome
<bicilotti> but not here!
<bicilotti> so say a few words to/for him!
<VinceTwelve> So, I accept this award on my behalf. Nik is the nicest guy and has become a close friend of mine.
<VinceTwelve> And a great musician.
<bicilotti> and a mighty beard, if I might add
<VinceTwelve> Most people don't even notice the layered music in Resonance
<VinceTwelve> He went the extra mile.
<bicilotti> go the extra clap, guys & guyettes!
<VinceTwelve> In the lab hallway, with the fire and all, go into the vent and come out and notice the music change
<VinceTwelve> or how extra layers are added to the music the deeper you get in the maze
<VinceTwelve> yeah, he's awesome
<VinceTwelve> ok. clap away.
<bicilotti> very interesting!

-*- Sslaxx has the "sad Juno" track playing in his head.
<AJA> nipple-clamped clap!
<Ilyich> Yay for Nikolas - amazing soundtrack!
<Stupot> Niiiiik!
<qptain_Nemo> 'twas good music
-*- tzachs claps on 3 layers
<abstauber> clap clap claaaarp
<Tabby> congrats to awesome Nikolas
<Ponch> I sure hope VinceXII wins an award tonight, since he drove all that way to be here on time. ;-)
<Datadog> Clap
<abstauber> ayayayayayaaayy
<straydogstrut> clapclapclapclap
<Ponch> clap clap moo
<Knoodn> Congrats!!
<qptain_Nemo> how many of you would've nominated PISS if it was available? :P
<Tabby> clap clap
<Ascovel> supercariflragilisciousclap
<Tramponline> Resonance stands on it's own, But Nikolas music enhances the ending tenfold
<Stupot> Clap clap clap clap
-*- qptain_Nemo is not bitter at all
<Ponch> clapping on two channels
<Grundislav> I often listen to the Resonance soundtrack when I run, because I am a NERD
<abstauber> clapclapclap
<Snake> Where are the lesbians??
<Bulbapuck> What a sweep! Lovely
<Ponch> lesbian clap
<Bulbapuck> I agree! More lesbians!
<Chicky> nerds dont run!
<cat> clap
<Chicky> :p
<Knoodn> multi layer clapping
<bicilotti> this is IRC
<Ilyich> Nemo, I would've definitely nominated PISS, but would've voted for Resonance
<Tramponline> Dualnames is that you, Ponch?
<Ponch> if only Dualnames were ehre
<bicilotti> ASCII porn at best
<Sslaxx> Clapping deep in the maze...
<Tramponline> ahahaaaa
<qptain_Nemo> Ilyich, fair enough :)
<Snake> Nerds run from sun
<bicilotti> <> <-- lesbian scissoring
<VinceTwelve> I listen to the Res soundtrack while driving, because I am a NARCISSIST.
<Tramponline> we know
<Ponch> slow, wet clapping
<Sslaxx> Like the "pumped up" tracks.
-*- tzachs fondly remembers last year's awards..
<Snake> clap clap clap clap clap
<Arjon> Hay Taby, Fits says hi, he couldn make it to the ceremony
<Ponch> I miss the theater again...
<Tramponline> you still owe us psychoanalyse the desinger
<Sslaxx> Or in the vault... and under pressure...
<bicilotti> clap again to mr N!

<bicilotti> Next award really means something to me.
<bicilotti> That's because I always have believed that AGS stands for Anything you like Game Studio.
<bicilotti> For Best Non Adventure Game, cat!
<cat> The nominees for Best Non-Adventure Game Created with AGS are
<cat> Hubris - a Popular Pub Pastime by Ghost
<cat> Indiana Rodent: Raiders of the Lost Cheese by Crystal Shard
<cat> RAM Ghost by Ghost
<bicilotti> I beta'd hubris!
<cat> Only three games in this category, now who is going to be the winner?
<bicilotti> COLOURWISE
<cat> RAM Ghost by Ghost
<cat> Congratulations, Björn
<bicilotti> the guy has a shaky connection, so he isn't here!
<Ponch> w00t!!!!!
<cat> I'm glad there is no "Hours played" counter in RAM Ghost, I would have made it explode.

<Tramponline> yeah! Ghost, way to go!
<Ponch> umlauts for the win!
<qptain_Nemo> Hoooraaay!
<Sslaxx> Going to check out the ghosts in the RAM...
<Ascovel> gratulations, ghos
<bicilotti> a marvellous marvellous game
<tzachs> clap clap clap!
<CaptainD> Yay!
<Tabby> clap, clap, clap, YAAAY! Hipp, hipp - hoooray!! :D
<Tramponline> hääää!?
<Stupot> Well done you lovely spooky man you
<straydogstrut> yay=D
<Tabby> höööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööö
<Bulbapuck> Congratulation Ghost! Happy birthday too!
<Ponch> super fun little bake sale game :D
<abstauber> clapclapclapclap
<Stupot> clap clap clap
<Ponch> happy b-day, Bjorn!
<Akril15> *applause*
<abstauber> Der ludwig der björn
<Ponch> ghostly clap
<Ilyich> Woo, RAM Ghost!
<Datadog> Clap!
<tzachs> Happy birthday Ghost!
<abstauber> Congrats and Happy Birthday and Congrats! :D
<bicilotti> :)
-*- Snake ghost claps
<AJA> Congrats!
<Tramponline> oh, eah, ahppy birthday
<VinceTwelve> Woooo! Clap! Yay Ghost! Non-adventure AGS programmers are bad ass!
<straydogstrut> Many happy returns
<Sslaxx> Happy birthday, winner!
<Ascovel> clap clap
<cat> clap clap clap
<anian> poor G, has problems with the connection, but hb and congrats
<Urpney> clap clap clap
<bicilotti> hb?
<Stupot> happy birthday
<cat> wonderful birthday present!
<abstauber> Klatsch
<bicilotti> oh
<abstauber> yeah
<bicilotti> indeed
<cat> Gratuliere!
<qptain_Nemo> <bicilotti> That's because I always have believed that AGS stands for Anything you like Game Studio. <- even if you like RSS
<bicilotti> xD
<Chicky> congratulations ghost!

<bicilotti> touching, winning an award on your birthday
<bicilotti> Oh oh oh, it's time for Ascovel again, yay!
-*- Ascovel storms out of the bathroom with something sticky in his hair
<Ascovel> And so...
<Ascovel> It was 2012...
<Ascovel> ...The neverending winter
<Ascovel> ...The Great Depression
<Ascovel> But it was also a time of great stories.
<Ascovel> 5 stories in particular:
<Ascovel> 9 Months In by tzachs
-*- Ascovel thinks of his mom
<Ascovel> Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator Case 8: Relics of the Past by Francisco Gonzalez
<bicilotti> ur mom jokes anyone?
<Ascovel> Resonance by Vince Twelve
<Ascovel> Space Quest Incinerations by Datadog
<Ascovel> The Cat Lady by Grim of Harvester Games
<Ascovel> But there was one particular story that RESONATED with the audience stronger than the others.
<qptain_Nemo> bicilotti, ur mom is so fat if she was a story she would be War And Peace?
<Ascovel> And that's why they called it...
-*- Ascovel twirls his moustache
<bicilotti> nice one qptain
-*- bicilotti votes for Ascovel as Best Announcer
<VinceTwelve> Wow, I really didn't know where you were going with that one, ascovel! I was chewing my nails...
-*- qptain_Nemo seconds bicilotti's vote
<VinceTwelve> I wrote the story over the course of a few years entirely in my head before putting it to paper.
<VinceTwelve> So... I'd like to thank my shower, where I do all my best story breaking!
-*- Ascovel wonders if they suspect he's only a robot stand-in brought in by biciotti
<bicilotti> do you sing in the shower?
<VinceTwelve> nope. just make up stories
<VinceTwelve> and masturbate
<VinceTwelve> CLAP

<bicilotti> and that's why I am a failure and you won stuff!
<Bulbapuck> WE LOVE YOU SHOWER!!!!!!
<Eric> qptain_Nemo: Your mom is so fat that if she were a story, she'd be the ground floor of the Empire State Building.
<Grundislav> hooray for shower inspiration!
<Stupot> Ditto on the shower thing. Some on my best philosophizing is done there.... as you can guess I don't show much.
<straydogstrut> Resonance: The Musical
<Sslaxx> Clapperbate.
-*- tzachs gets up to thank everyone, than realizes he didn't win, and sits back before anybody notices...
<Datadog> Clap!
<Ponch> Clap clap! Finally! Resonance won something! Clap clap clap clap moo!
<Stupot> *shower
<tzachs> clap clap
<Urpney> clap clap clap
<Ponch> Poor Tzachs...
<cat> clap
<Tramponline> LOL for dostrut!
<CaptainD> clap clap clap clappity clap
<abstauber> clapclapclapclap
<tzachs> Ponch shhh...
<Stupot> well done vince. clap clap clap
<Ponch> Goats and cows get no respect here, Tzachs. ;)
<qptain_Nemo> Eric, lol
<bicilotti> what's the plot twist then?
-*- Snake masturbate claps
-*- qptain_Nemo disrespects Ponch, like a lot
<Ponch> :P
<Tramponline> More mature stories as Resonance!
<Ponch> ;)
<bicilotti> viva le udders
<tzachs> animal rights is at its lowest, Ponch
<Ponch> so true, Tzachs!
<cat> indeed
<Tramponline> meta-funny rework of contemporary politics
<Ponch> indeed, cat!
<VinceTwelve> Down with cows!
<Ponch> ;)
<Ascovel> what about the cat lady? Give her something too
<Knoodn> one hand clap
<Ponch> Moo hoo hoo (cries)

<bicilotti> Time for another committee decided award
<bicilotti> with mr-fake-cigarette-50-p
<Stupot> Thanks Bici.
-*- bicilotti bows
<Stupot> This award couldnt have come at a better time.
<Stupot> I'm starting to really need a number 2.
<bicilotti> xD
<Stupot> I was flattered to be asked to present this award to a person I admire greatly.
<Stupot> This guy is quite simply a machine.
<Stupot> so without further ado (it's not an award ceremony unless someone says that)
<bicilotti> xD
<Stupot> For his extraordinary creative output, as well as his never-ceasing ambition to assist, advise and amuse his fellow game makers.
<Stupot> This member has grown to be one of the most notable designers in the AGS community today.
<Stupot> The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to...
<Stupot> Ben Chandler aka Ben304!
<qptain_Nemo> YAY FOR BEN! \o/
<bicilotti> :o
<bicilotti> in my opinion the world is flat, so there is no space for Australia
<Stupot> Congratulations Ben
<qptain_Nemo> He is also one of the most pleasant people to work with!
<bicilotti> I second qptain_Nemo
<bicilotti> love clap time!

<Crimson> !!! WE NEED MOAR GAMES !!!
<Ascovel> Hurrrah for Ben!
<Ponch> clap!
<Snake> gratscon
<tzachs> 304 claps
<Tramponline> That nerdy kid that painted that background shown by Snake last time?
-*- Chicky throws sweets at Ben
<cat> 304!
<VinceTwelve> Yay!
<CaptainD> :-D
<Urpney> clap clap clap
<Ilyich> Congrats to Ben!
<Urpney> clap clap clap
<Urpney> clap clap clap
<Tabby> YAY - Congrats weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<Chicky> Yay Ben!
<bicilotti> CCCIV
<Sslaxx> 304 victories?
<Datadog> Clap!
<Ponch> osd clap
<Peder> If he AGREE to work with you that is > :(. XD
<Tramponline> AWESOME! Congrats, machine BEn!
<VinceTwelve> 304 304 304!
<Datadog> Clap! Clap!
<Stupot> clap clap clap
<abstauber> whoa wheeeee
<bicilotti> 304 games more like
<Ilyich> Well deserved, he's awesome :)
<cat> Please come to the chat again, I miss talking to you
<abstauber> clap clap clap
<Ascovel> Bens are the best!
<straydogstrut> yay! could not have gone to a more deserving winner
<VinceTwelve> Seriously well deserved, he is a machine!
<Indie> woohoo!
<Indie> claps claps!
<Snake> Trampoline, NOBODY says my name in public! You want a fist in the mouth??!
<qptain_Nemo> i hope now he stops whining about not winning any ags awards :P
<Ponch> clap!
<bicilotti> and nicely done, Stupot
<cat> clap clap clap
<Snake> CLAP
<Snake> CLAP
<Snake> CLAP
<Snake> CLAP
<abstauber> clap
<abstauber> clap
<Snake> CLAP
<anian> go go gadget 304
<VinceTwelve> clap
<bicilotti> I need a lighter
<Stupot> cheers bicilotti
<Ponch> clap
-*- bicilotti smokes a cig
<Tramponline> any time love bunny,hehhe
<Akril15> *applause*
<Snake> share plz bici
<bicilotti> I remember working with him on Annie Android
<bicilotti> (like, testing)
<bicilotti> really a gentleman
<bicilotti> with an obsession for cats
<Grundislav> it's because he is one
<Snake> XD
<bicilotti> :3 for him, then

<bicilotti> Four Awards to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
-*- bicilotti pees in his pants
<bicilotti> time for best Dialogue Writing! Go Ilyich!
-*- qptain_Nemo replaces bicilotti's pants while muttering "i hate this job"
<Ilyich> Hello again!
-*- Ilyich smiles into the camera awkwardly
<Ilyich> That's not my nomination!
<bicilotti> :o
<bicilotti> err
<bicilotti> I mean
<bicilotti> ok
<bicilotti> I am drunk again
<bicilotti> well
<bicilotti> I meant, Sslaxx !
<qptain_Nemo> Dear audience, we apologize for the lulz.
-*- Sslaxx plies Biclotti with lot of fried food and black coffee.
<bicilotti> it's not a worthy award without me messing up stuff!
<Sslaxx> Heh.
<Sslaxx> Well, fellow AGS peeps!
<Sslaxx> This one is for the word-loving ones among us; these are the games nominated in the BEST DIALOGUE WRITING category!
<Sslaxx> Paranormal PI Ben's up against Ed and the Resonance gang, and not just one but two incarnations of Roger Wilco, all chased along by the Cat Lady! Let's see who wins the battle of the words this time around.
<Sslaxx> The nominees for this one are:
<Sslaxx> Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator, Case 8: Relics of the Past (Francisco Gonzalez);
<Sslaxx> Resonance (Vince Twelve);
<Sslaxx> Space Quest II VGA (Infamous Adventures);
<Sslaxx> Space Quest Incinerations (Datadog aka Chris Ushko - yes, Tramponline, he does have a real name!)
<Sslaxx> and The Cat Lady (Harvester Games).
<bicilotti> :o
<Sslaxx> Well, that's the nominees out of the way... what's next, oh yeah...
<bicilotti> pubmasterquest?
<Sslaxx> Pubmaster?
<bicilotti> indeed
<qptain_Nemo> Dear audience, we apologize for the awkwardness.
-*- bicilotti reboots himself
<Sslaxx> He ain't on the list...
<Sslaxx> More black coffee?
-*- bicilotti sips
<Sslaxx> A-hem, anyway!
-*- bicilotti prods Sslaxx
<Sslaxx> The winner!
<Sslaxx> It's Vince Twelve with another win with his RESONANCE devices! Congratulations, Twelve!
<VinceTwelve> Bwhaaaaaa!
<VinceTwelve> Thanks so much, guys!
<VinceTwelve> This one goes to a bunch of people!
<VinceTwelve> Deirdra Kiai helped me edit most of the act one dialogs.
<VinceTwelve> Janet and Dave helped edit most of acts two and three.
<VinceTwelve> And Janet and Dave both wrote a bunch of the extra dialog to fill stuff in here and there!

<bicilotti> CLAP
<AJA> Dammit! I missed 304 yays! Here's a delayed one: YAY! Congrats!
<tzachs> clap clap clap
<Ponch> clap
<Tramponline> CHRIS USHENKO!? THAT'S JUST A PSEUCONYM, MAN! Conragts, Vince!
<AJA> Congrats, Vince et al!
<VinceTwelve> Wheeee! Thanks guys!
-*- bicilotti dances
<Ilyich> Congrats!
<straydogstrut> congrats muchly =D
<Indie> Congrats!
<cat> clap
<Datadog> Clap! And a second clap to Stuart for remembering my name!
<abstauber> yay clap!
<Ilyich> clap clapity-clap
<bicilotti> what's this Resonance everyone is talking about?
<Ponch> woot clap
<Stupot> well done all
<Urpney> Tramponline, thanks for M:I 2 - that's how I got into indie games : )
<VinceTwelve> Resowhat?
<CaptainD> When's the sequel?
<abstauber> congrats to dave janet and deirdra as well
<VinceTwelve> Coming out in 2018
<Ponch> Resonance. I think it
-*- Sslaxx sends purrs.
<Ponch> it's some sort of OSD game
<tzachs> In 2018 I'm not making a game...
-*- Sslaxx balances a strawberry on Datadog.
<Stupot> By the way. Y'all should check out Dierda's new game coming out April 1st
<VinceTwelve> Dr. Morales vs Ocean Spirit Dennis
<Ponch> And LifePartnerrrrrrr RRRRrrrrraay
<VinceTwelve> subtitle: The Revengesaurus
<Ponch> Will it have DLC?
<Sslaxx> Guest starring some single Resonance particles?
<bicilotti> some resonant filter
<qptain_Nemo> more like Dr. Immorales

<bicilotti> Ilyich, it's you! This time for rualz!
<Ilyich> Hello again, again!
<Ilyich> I sure hope I have the right cards to read from this time!
<bicilotti> :P
<bicilotti> it's bicilotti 's way or the highway
<Ilyich> Yes, I do! And it's Best Short Game Award
<Ilyich> The nominees for the Best Short Game are:
<bicilotti> lllllllllllllloevly category
<qptain_Nemo> did Resonance win this one too?
<Ilyich> Gray - by Fitz
<Ilyich> Sheep Quest - by cat
<bicilotti> probably
<Ilyich> Pledge Quest I: The SpaceVenture Adventure - by Akril15
<Ilyich> Pledge Quest II: Noodle Shop of Horrors - also by Akril15
<Ilyich> and ^_^ by - Ben304
<Ilyich> and the winner is...
<bicilotti> :o
-*- bicilotti faints
<bicilotti> HOW SO
<Ilyich> Congratulations to all of us!
-*- qptain_Nemo gasps
<Ilyich> It makes me happy that I don't have to actually pronounce the winner, because it's
<Ilyich> ^_^ by - Ben304

<bicilotti> clap clap!
<Ponch> Resonance was robbed!!
<Grundislav> hooray for Cat Chandler!
<Knoodn> Congrats! clap clap clap
<qptain_Nemo> hooray for Ben!
<Ponch> w00t!
<tzachs> clap clap clap
<bicilotti> I must say all of the games were worthy
-*- decafjedi claps!
<Sslaxx> 304 more victories, with ^_^ sideorders!
<Datadog> Clap!
<cat> clap
<qptain_Nemo> Grundislav, i thought he was a ponyhead?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!??!!
<VinceTwelve> I WAS ROBBED!
<abstauber> yay, clap clap clap
<Ilyich> Claps all round!
<Tabby> great clapclapclap
<cat> nice game indeed
<Ponch> I'm sorry, Vince. You totally deserved this award!
<Chicky> awesoome!
<AJA_> Congclap!
<Tabby> weeeeeeeeeeeee
<Bulbapuck> Gratz Ben :D
<Stupot> Hooray! lovely little game that
<Ascovel> clappp
<Sslaxx> Pony. Just say no.
<Ponch> clap clap
<Chicky> clapclapclap
<Bulbapuck> Voting was obviously rigged. Resonance was the clear winner
<Ponch> w00t, Ponyhead!
<Akril15> Clap.
<Bulbapuck> ;)
<bicilotti> PWND
<Grundislav> nemo: not anymore, he cut his hair
<-> AJA_ is now known as AJA

<bicilotti> oh
<bicilotti> yes
<bicilotti> gameplay, right?
<Peder> Hello again!
<Peder> I'm back to announce the award for Best Gameplay!
<Peder> I'll just go straight to the case!
<Peder> The nominees are:
<Peder> Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator Case 8: Relics of the Past by Francisco Gonzalez
<Peder> Resonance by Vince Twelve
<Peder> Space Quest II VGA by Infamous Adventures
<Peder> Space Quest Incinerations by Datadog
<Peder> The Cat Lady by Harvester Games
<Peder> And the winner is:
<Peder> *dramatic drumroll*
<Peder> You'll never guess!
<Peder> Resonance by Vince Twelve!! XD
<bicilotti> better than Titanic
<VinceTwelve> Woo! Again!
<VinceTwelve> Um... when you spend a really long time working on a game like this, you only see all the interactions in the game as lines of code and script. So, you really lose sight of whether it's fun or not.
<bicilotti> :c
<VinceTwelve> So, I'm really glad it came out well.
<bicilotti> :)
<VinceTwelve> And was fun and stuff.
<VinceTwelve> And stuff.
<bicilotti> Vinnie 'curt' XII
<VinceTwelve> Thanks!

<CaptainD> That was a big surprise! Who would have thought it?! Congrats yet again!
<tzachs> Short term memory says this victory is well deserved! Or is it long term?
<Bulbapuck> Woot what a hoot! Another congratulation is in order!
<Ponch> Gasp! FINALLY! (Faints)
<VinceTwelve> Curt is my middle name
<Grundislav> my tongue is getting tired from rolling my r so much!
<Ponch> w00t
<Ascovel> Brrrrrrrresonnancer!
<Stupot> Huzzah!!!
<abstauber> cllllllaap
<Ponch> Hip hip hooray!
<Urpney> this is real surprise!
<Bulbapuck> clappetyclappetyclappetyclap
<Tabby> clappidyclap
<Indie> clap clap clap
<AJA> Don't even remember what award this one was but congrats, Vince!

<bicilotti> And so we are here
<bicilotti> with only one award left
<bicilotti> Best Game Created with AGS for 2012
<bicilotti> I left this spot for AGA, because the guy really deserves it, with all the work he put into the site, the forums, the awards, and all.
<bicilotti> But unfortunately he went missing, so here it is me!
<bicilotti> Before announcing the nominees and winner, let me tell you that you have been a lovely audience
<bicilotti> and that the Awards, the community, and all AGS are something really really special
<bicilotti> so clap to yourself guys!

<Chicky> clap clap
<Chicky> clap
<Mati256> clap clap clap clap
<Grundislav> yaaaaaaay
<Chicky> clap
<Chicky> clap
<Chicky> clap
<Bulbapuck> WOOO US!
<bicilotti> CLAP
<Chicky> cloop
<VinceTwelve> Yay everybody!
<Chicky> clap
<tzachs> clap clap
<Snake> clap
<Ponch> clap
<Snake> clap
<bicilotti> I do really meant it
<Snake> clap
<Snake> clap
<Peder> clap clap
<abstauber> claaaaarp
<Snake> clap
<Tabby> weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee us
<qptain_Nemo> \o/
<Snake> cap
<AJA> claaappy
<abstauber> clapclapclap
<Snake> CAP
<Stupot> clap clap clap clap
<bicilotti> When I read AGS, I shed a tear of joy
<Sslaxx> Clapperboards clapperbating.
<Urpney> (wonder what game it'll be... ; ))) clap, clap, clap
<abstauber> clap some more
<Snake> ANDY CAP
<Ponch> moo
<bicilotti> so many brilliant folks
<Tramponline> Can't seem to figure out which of them four!
<Stupot> I've got the...
-*- Indie hits himself
<CaptainD> claaaaaaaaa a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a p
<Chicky> ags is my jesus
<bicilotti> so many interesting peoples
<Ponch> Andy Cap. Wow, Snake. You're old. ;)
<bicilotti> so many laught
<bicilotti> *s
<Snake> Be quiet, Ponch
<Sslaxx> Says Ponch.
<Ponch> moo!

<bicilotti> ado time!
<bicilotti> Nominees:
<bicilotti> Ben Jordan Paranormal Investigator Case 8: Relics of the Past by Francisco Gonzalez
<bicilotti> Resonance by Vince Twelve
<bicilotti> Space Quest II VGA by Infamous Adventures
<bicilotti> Space Quest Incinerations by Datadog
<bicilotti> The Cat Lady by Harvester Games
<bicilotti> I sadly admit that I have played only one of these games :c
<bicilotti> And the winner for Best Game made with AGS 2012 is.................
<bicilotti> (*drumrolls*)
<qptain_Nemo> *rumdrools*
<bicilotti> RESONANCE, by xii!
<bicilotti> This night is your night, Vinnie!
<VinceTwelve> Sweet! Thank you to the organizers, who did a great job. Well done bici! sorry i was late...
<bicilotti> :)
<VinceTwelve> I poured a lot of myself into the game and nearly went nuts getting it done, so I'm glad it worked out so well.
<bicilotti> how many years did this all take?
<VinceTwelve> I'm sorry I swept the awards, I know it would be more fun if it was more spread out... We should push for that (starting next year heh heh heh)
<VinceTwelve> Five years and change
<bicilotti> :)
<VinceTwelve> Started writing the design doc in March 2007
<bicilotti> The *people* voted you! Be proud and be happy!
<VinceTwelve> Anyways, um, I accept this award on behalf of my team! Thanks everybody! See you in 2017!

-*- tzachs claps in awe!
<Grundislav> RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRESONANCE!!! Mega congrats to Vince, very well deserved!
<qptain_Nemo> wooo!
<Indie> woohoo!!
<Tabby> surprise, surprise :D
<straydogstrut> Woo! *claps*
<Stupot> Yaaaay!!! I freaking love you Vince
<VinceTwelve> Thank you!
<AJA> YAAAY! Congrats!
<Ponch> Clap clap clap!
<Knoodn> *endless clapping*
<cat> clap clap clap
<Tabby> clappidy clap
<abstauber> rEsOnAnCe
<Peder> *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*
-*- straydogstrut weeps
<abstauber> clapclapclap
<Bulbapuck> Fantastic game, well deserved. Congratulations!
<abstauber> clap
<Indie> congrats to all who won and to all the nominations as well
<Ponch> woo
<Stupot> clap clap clap
<Ilyich> Congratulations to everyone!
<Akril15> *applause*
<Knoodn> claponance
<Ilyich> And big thanks to the organizers!
<VinceTwelve> Congrats to everybody who finished something in 2012!
<Datadog2> Clap! I missed it, but I can guess who won!
<VinceTwelve> Finishing stuff is the best!
-*- Chicky pats everyone on the back
<Urpney> clap, clap, clap
<straydogstrut> Well done to all the nominees and winners
<Ponch> clap
<cat> clap clap clap for bicilotti

<bicilotti> before getting all drunk and violent
<bicilotti> a committee member wants to say something!
<Stupot> Woah, hello spotlight.
<Stupot> Err, yeah. I just wanted to give a 'special mention' to Wham, for his awesome Forum Games.
<Stupot> I didnt really take part in the second one but it was awesome, and I hope he considers doing a new one soon.
<bicilotti> indeed, the committee wanted to note and highlight his efforts, so hooray for him!
<Stupot> that's it, cheers bici

<Bulbapuck> We love you Wham ^^
<Ponch> Thanks, WHAM
<VinceTwelve> WHAM!
<Tabby> hooooray clap, clap <3
<Ilyich> Cheers!
<cat> thank you WHAM!
<Knoodn> WHAM!
<tzachs> clap clap

<bicilotti> thanks again everyone for coming guys, this has been awesome!
<bicilotti> ceremony is over, but you can chat and socialize in #ags 24/7/365!
<qptain_Nemo> yeah come over sometime :)
<qptain_Nemo> it is open every day
<bicilotti> thanks again to everyone who helped me, to the big winner tonight and to everyone who made a game in 2012!
<bicilotti> PARTY HARD